About the Program

  • A practical e-learning course covering proven leadership methodologies, tools and thinking models
  • Find yourself as a leader and refine your vision
  • Discover proven tools and approaches to real leadership challenges
  • Explore twelve (12) modules encompassing eighty-five (85) separate principles and tools
  • Developed by the Centre for Sustainability Leadership
  • Content created and assembled by innovative thinkers and doers across diverse sectors
  • Video interviews with sustainability leaders from London, Copenhagen, Sydney and Melbourne
  • Case studies from India, Australia, the United States, the UK and France
  • Complete the program from your home or office at your own pace – either over 10 hours or over 2 years.
  • Complete 10 optional quizzes to test your understanding


The Structure:
  1. Curriculum – developed by a great team of experienced social entrepreneurs, communicators, sustainability experts and business leaders
  2. Networking – share ideas, ask questions, collaborate and assist others with their leadership journey
  3. Matching Service – where we aim to connect participants working in similar areas based on their skills and needs. ¬†We have an “I have and I want” program where a participant can outline what they have and whay they need in order to get their project or organisation off the ground.
The Modules:
  1. Course Introduction
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Project Planning
  4. Innovation
  5. Design
  6. Evaluation
  7. Action
  8. Communication
  9. Selling Change
  10. Shaping the Future
  11. Entrepreneurship 101
  12. Practical, Personal and Organisational Skills

Pricing & Commitment

The program costs AUD$200.00 (inc GST) for two years access to the curriculum, the community and customer support.

Please read our Refunds and Returns policy

The program can covered at your own pace. It could be compressed into a 24 hour period or spread out over 12 months. You decide.

Participation in the discussion around the curriculum through comments is optional, the quizzes are optional and the forums are optional. However, some of the best learning and more rewarding experiences can come out of helping and being helped by others in the Leadership Rewired community.