Welcome to Leadership Rewired

Leadership Rewired will provide you with the tools, principles
and case studies to create systemic change. This course is not
about science, it is about leadership skills, methods and
systems. It will tell you what you need to hear to get your
project, campaign or organisation off the ground.
Access to the right people with the right experience, the right
skills and similar values is crucial to the success of any
leader - whether you are working as or towards being a social
entrepreneur, campaigner or project manager. Leadership Rewired brings together people with diverse skills, backgrounds
and experiences.
Contributing lessons that you've learned back to the Leadership
Rewired community is a mutually rewarding experience.
If we each leave more than we take then we are embodying
personal, environmental, social, cultural and economic
sustainability. The greatest learning comes from other users,
so don't be afraid to comment, share or answer a question!

What is Leadership Rewired?

Interested in finding yourself as a leader and helping create a better world?

Leadership Rewired is a practical e-learning leadership training program, networking platform and matching service:

  • Course covers proven leadership methodologies, tools and thinking models
  • Includes video interviews and case studies with sustainability leaders from around the globe
  • Share ideas, ask questions, collaborate and assist others with their leadership journey
  • I have / I want matching service to help get your project or organisation off the ground
  • Complete the program at your own pace from your home or office!

Leadership Rewired is all about leadership skills, principles and systems, helping you to refine and build your vision of a sustainable world, and giving you what you need to get your project, campaign or organisation off the ground. Our leadership training course offers you the opportunity to network with people with similar interests so you can start working towards your goals.

Based on the Centre for Sustainability Leadership's annual Fellowship Programs held in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, Leadership Rewired enables people anywhere to access a practical and proven sustainability leadership course that explores everything from emotional intelligence and leadership styles to project management and entrepreneurship.

The course is made up of twelve modules encompassing eighty-five separate principles and tools, includes video interviews with sustainability leaders from London, Copenhagen, Sydney and Melbourne, and case studies from India, Australia, the United States, the UK and France.

You will also be part of the Leadership Rewired community, sharing ideas, developing projects, collaborating with others.

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Snapshot of Module 1:

The Centre for Sustainabiliy Leadership

Like no other time before, our world is in need of leaders and change makers who have the commitment, courage and skill to drive positive change for a sustainable future.

The Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) is a not for profit organisation dedicated to expanding the influence of people who want to create a sustainable future, by building their knowledge, skills and networks.

As well as Leadership Rewired, CSL also runs annual Fellowship Programs in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, for a select group of ambitious and emerging sustainability leaders from Australia and around the world. This unique leadership training course helps develop leadership skills, principles and systems, includes coaching, mentors and live projects and connects with a select group of over 200 alumni.

Offering sustainability leadership training throughout the world, CSL has offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

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